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International Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health

Health and safety is a complex area. In any workplace there are multiple hazards that can harm workers, the broader environment or both, requiring different levels of risk management. They help you to reduce risks sensibly, making workplaces healthier and safer for everyone and improving long-term business performance.

British Safety Council has changed the world of work for the better and we’ll never stop, because excellent health, safety and environmental management is good for your people and good for your business.

The International Diploma focuses on embedding health and safety into an organisation’s culture and highlights the key role of communication in securing senior management commitment.

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Nebosh Health and Safety WorkPlace

Nebosh Health and Safety at Work provides a perfect Qualification to Level 2 Health and Safety in the workplace.

The Level 2 Nebosh HSW focus on common workplace hazards and how to identify and control them.

The practical requirement to carry out a risk assessment. 

The Level 2 Qualification are health and safety professionals, employers, professional bodies and regulators to ensure that they remain relevant, rigorous as well as achievable and practical.

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

The International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is suitable for managers, supervisors and staff based outside the UK from all types of organisations making day-to-day decisions at work that need a broad understanding of health and safety issues and be able to manage risks effectively. Over 45,000 people have achieved this qualification since it was introduced in 2004. 

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is also suitable for those embarking on a career in health and safety, providing a valuable foundation for further professional study (such as the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety). 

The International General Certificate is modelled on the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, the most widely recognised health and safety qualification of its kind in the UK. The key difference between the two qualifications is in the applicability of legal requirements. Rather than being guided by a specifically UK framework, the International General Certificate takes a risk management approach based on best practice and international standards, such as International Labour Organisation (ILO) codes of practice, with special reference to the model proposed in the ILO's "Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems" (ILO-OSH 2001). Local laws and cultural factors form part of the study programme where relevant and appropriate.

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